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Saturday, March 15, 2008
A Stock Market Investment Plan That Never Lets You Down
A Stock Market Investment Plan That Never Lets You Down
by: James Marriott

The bulls and bears of the stock market are both tempting and scary to the investors. Speculators are enchanted by the stock market's potential to help them in making quick money with a big M. While those who tread with care and caution, often shy away for fear of losing. However, the stock market is not all about speculative gains or black Tuesdays. It is a place where committed companies look for raising money to fund their activities. Serious investors can actually create wealth not only for themselves, but also for the companies and the nation. A wise way to invest in the stock market is to empower your self with information. You have to know and learn about the company you invest in, from past records and future plans.

Irrespective of what the Wall Street Gurus predict or what the economic indicators like Dow Jones Average say, a simple and foolproof way of knowing that a company is doing well is to keep a track of how much dividend income does it pay to its share holders every year. If the dividend rates have been rising steadily every year, you know you have a safe bet. To benefit from the future prospects of such companies, it is a good idea to rollback the returns into the company. Which means, instead of adding the dividends to your savings, you can invest them in the shares of the same company. That way, you can ensure that the dividends you receive are always higher than what you got last, with a larger number of shares getting added to your investment portfolio every time.

With this kind of an assured investment plan in place, investors with a gambling streak begin to think beyond making a quick gain. While those who were afraid to take risks get wiser.

Let us find out why companies that give ever-increasing cash dividend income are a good choice for investment:

Your Share Holding Goes Up And So does Your Dividend Income.

Your income begins to escalate with your owning more shares every year and the dividend income rising correspondingly.

Your Dividend Income Increases Even If Stock Prices don't.

You are no more at the mercy of the market. Irrespective of what your shares are worth, you keep earning additional cash dividends. In fact, even if the market price dips, you are still at an advantage, as that allows you to reinvest to purchase more shares.

You are not hit by Inflation.

With the dividend income rising every year, you offset the effects of a rising inflation. This particularly provides relief to people who have retired and depend on a regular cash inflow to help them meet their expenses. At this stage one need not rollback the investment into further shares, instead, the cash dividend can be used as a kind of regular pension money.

Start Young

The ingenuity behind this investment strategy is that it protects you from the fluctuations that generally occur in the market. A lower stock market rate only means you buy more to increase your dividends more. It is advisable to start this strategy early in life while you are still working, so that your wealth builds up gradually and constantly over the years. And you are assured of a regular income, as you grow older.

Remember, the success of this proven investment plan depends significantly on the track record of the company you invest in. It should be one that declares a higher dividend at the end of each financial period. A simple way to find that out would be to calculate the dividend yield. You can do that by dividing the annual dividend per share by the price per share. Of course, no investment can be totally free of risks, neither is this one. Keep an eye on the dividend yield, and if that dips, it's a signal for you to opt out of the investment.

About The Author

James Marriott is a finance writer with more than 15 years of experience in writing financial content, including those related to credit cards, mortgages, stocks, investments, and funds. He has been with RNCOS, a premier financial writing services company, for 2 years as head of financial writing. He is also a regular financial columnist with renowned business journals. For your comments on the article and further financial assistance, please contact our staff writer at


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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Refinancing your Mortgage
Refinancing your Mortgage

When people are a little short on cash, the fixed resources around can be a lot of help. A good place to get a huge amount of money will be mortgage refinance the home.

If the person bought a home for $120,000 and has only paid about $40,000, mortgage refinancing can pay back the old loan and use the excess for something such as college tuition.

Some people were able to get mortgage refinancing at a lower interest rate than the first loan, which is considered to be a good bargain. There are many companies that offer such services. If the person doest have time to find a lender, one can hire a broker do all the work.

There are many places where the person can get in touch with a broker. Some can be found while searching through the Internet. The state and local boards may also have a list of those the individual can call.

Some real estate agents or perhaps friends and family who have been in situation before can also refer someone to talk to.

The brokers should be called and asked how many lending firms has the company worked with and how many clients have been served. The services by these people are not free so it will be nice to know if payment is based on a flat fee or is taken from a percentage of the mortgage amount.

The person should look at the knowledge of the lender, the terms and conditions, the interest rate and the other fees that come with getting a loan. The individual should read this carefully document first before signing anything.

There are a lot programs that are applicable in this situation. The person can ask if there are any special rates that can work especially for first time buyers.

The person should keep in mind that the broker is just a middle person and not the one who will give the loan. If the board of realtors where the person resides does not have a list of brokers that can help, then calling the National Association of Mortgage Brokers for the state can help.

A lot of people who decide to mortgage refinance for the first time will be told by the broker that payment is based on the percentage of the loan. This is not that heavy since it is only 1% of the whole amount, which can be paid off later on.

If the broker insists on payment upfront, the person should pay using a credit card. This will make it easy to question the said transaction and get the money back should this specialist not satisfy the needs of the borrower.

People need the help of a broker especially if the person already has a bad credit rating with banks and other institutions. By being able to find someone who does this very well, the owner of the house will be able to get the money needed to pay off the previous loan and use that as tuition for school.

There are two ways to get mortgage refinancing. The first will be to work directly with the mortgage company as soon as one is found. The other will be through a broker who will set up a meet then work happens from there.


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